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Sometimes the smallest things take up the most space in your heart - Winnie the pooh

Thank you for being a part of psoriasis singles. Psoriasis is a small word, but comes with baggage that takes up all the space in the heart.

At the age of 8, I was diagnosed with Psoriasis. Which means I have had psoriasis for over 20 years. At a time when there were no resources such as the internet and little or no awareness about psoriasis, the reaction to psoriasis can only be imagined.

At an age, where playing in the sweltering summer heat while donning a pair of shorts should be every eight-year-olds idea of unabridged happiness; for me, it was nothing more than unadulterated humiliation, feelings of guilt, fear, anxiety, and non-stop bullying from my peers.

As a child, I didn’t fully comprehend what was happening to me, except that the constant flare-ups of psoriasis all over my body meant fear, dread and a feeling that I looked ‘weird’ with those ‘ugly unsightly patches’.

You get the picture right !!!

For me, facing humiliation for my very obvious skin condition became so mundane that I almost started expecting it. The image issues felt normal - the sheer panic and anxiety before a night out felt normal. I remember distinctly going on dates after dates and not being able to enjoy it as there was a nagging fear lodged at the back of my mind, “Oh! I wonder if he is looking at my hands and thinking… what’s that?” Other times, I wondered if I was looking sexy enough since I’m not wearing a short dress… Or “Oh, I’m sure he is only being nice to me now, wait until I have to tell him about the patches… No wait, what if he asks me first if there is something wrong with me”. I suffered from low self esteem and felt I had no say in whom I date. I made poor dating choices. I felt grateful when somebody gave me a second glance - even when I knew they were not right for me.

Life is short and we deserve to be happy. We all deserve to enjoy a date and not think of the evening like a ticking time bomb, where in the end, if the date is going well, a revelation needs to come – “Oh, by the way, I have Psoriasis”, and then just wait to see how it unravels. Isn’t it everyone’s right to live and experience the incredible emotions of dating, falling in love and thinking about a possible future with that special someone, without being plagued by constant bouts of self-doubt and fear of that happiness never coming along because of a skin condition, over which one has so little control over?

As people with Psoriasis have always known, it’s not just a topical condition. Psoriasis impacts everything from our self-esteem to our self-confidence, and seemingly unrelated issues such as going shopping for clothes with a group of friends, or taking a beach vacation. That’s where PsoriasisSingles.com comes into the picture to provide hope, and to create a happy and safe environment that is based on honesty, and subsequently a healthy self-image for people to meet other singles.

My hope is that Psoriasis Singles will provide a space that takes away that element of surprise- where people can freely meet other people and appreciate them for who they are as human beings, and not judge them based on the one seemingly conspicuous condition of their skin. I wish you much success on your journey. For further information, advice, feedback or to just to say hello, you may contact me at contactus@psoriasissingles.com.

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